The External Training of Shaolin Kung Fu

Some of the most visually spectacular arts of kung fu involve people breaking things that seem pretty sturdy like bricks or poles. “Surely there’s some secret magical training involved!” I used to think, before I learnt better. The training principles are actually quite easy, it’s a matter of dedicating oneself to the correct training for years under a competent master (yes, I said years, and yes, I said you needed a competent master).

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What’s for dinner?

Perhaps my favorite thing that I learnt to make this year, quesadillas! They’re extremely customizable; all you need to take out of this article is the preparation method.

You will need some Delicious Ingredients. Here’s what I used:

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Kung Fu: Wing Choon, martial art of Yim Wing Choon

Wing Choon (also Romanized as Wing Chun, Yong Chun, and Yong Wing Chun) is a fast, direct, and vicious style. It focuses on “narrow stances and short bridges,” referring to characteristically short stances such as the 4-6 and Goat stances and close range hand and foot movements. The teacher of its first patriarch, Yim Wing Choon, was the Buddhist nun Ng Mui, herself an expert at Shaolin Kung Fu who specialized in the Flower Set. Yim Wing Choon took principles from her training that created a distinct style that is excellent for small people, including elegant ladies such as herself and Ng Mui, to fight even large and powerful brutes.

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Origami Time: Pac-Man

If you’ve known me for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen me fiddling around with a piece of paper. I first got into origami because my father was amazing at making paper airplanes. He got me a book (long since lost after a move, sadly) full of these incredible designs, like one that looked like a throwing dart and another that looked like a vampire bat. As a kid, my first thought was, naturally, “How do I make these things fly harder, faster, better, stronger?” Then in high school, the question became, “How can I make these cool things that make me and my pals laugh?”

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Time to try out this WordPress thing

Well, here I am!

I’m Fred, the Kung Fu Rubik’s Cube (it sounded funny at the time, and it still does!) I stink at Rubik’s cubes, but I love kung fu, especially Baguazhang. I’m also studying Microbiology. Let’s hear it for the super-bugs!

I’ve been getting more of a presence on the internet: LinkedIn, participating more on Facebook, using my Twitter and Youtube accounts more often, so on and so forth. I decided to move on over from Tumblr because I liked the look of WordPress more. We’ll see where this blog takes me. I may wind up chatting more about kung fu and cooking than anything else, but hey, it’s my blog!

Hope I’ll be seeing you around,