Origami Time: Pac-Man

If you’ve known me for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen me fiddling around with a piece of paper. I first got into origami because my father was amazing at making paper airplanes. He got me a book (long since lost after a move, sadly) full of these incredible designs, like one that looked like a throwing dart and another that looked like a vampire bat. As a kid, my first thought was, naturally, “How do I make these things fly harder, faster, better, stronger?” Then in high school, the question became, “How can I make these cool things that make me and my pals laugh?”

One of my favorite designs was always the origami Pac-Man. The thing is almost guaranteed to elicit a smile from your children and pals. I used it pretty often to quell a crying child when I was working at the library a few years ago.
Give it a shot!


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