Silk Reeling and Cloud Hands

Not much to say here, just a few brief comments about lineage holder Chen Xiaowang’s demonstration of Silk Reeling, one of the most famous arts of Chen family Taijiquan:

I always love it when a martial arts video comes great demonstrations with lovely music.

The demonstrator is master Chen Xiaowang, the current lineage holder of Chen family Taijiquan, and he is demonstrating “Silk Reeling” (also called “Cloud Hands” and “Circulating Hands” by some schools). It’s not an art that I practice often, but I’ve seen the benefits it can produce in my Taijiquan brothers. My senior brother in kung fu recommended that I practice Baguazhang Circle Walking in combination with Cloud Hands and it was a rather intriguing experience! 

Video Link: chan si gong-chan si jin .flv


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