Sticking Hands and Breaking Falls

Two short comments that I made, the former about a demonstration of chi sao (Sticking Hands, a famous art of Wing Choon kung fu) and my experiences with rolling and breaking falls:

Chi Sao demonstration

Two things really stand out to me: 1) the smiles on the practitioners that appear throughout the video, which shows their enjoyment of the training and their relaxed nature; and 2) the “soft” quality of this sticking hands session. There is none of the clashing and cracking elbows and forearms that seems to define most of the sticking hands practice that I’ve seen elsewhere. A very nice demonstration!

Regarding rolls and falls:

I’ve learnt breakfalls from Kaze Arashi Ryu aiki jujutsu and Shaolin kung fu, and while the techniques had some subtle differences, the over-riding goals were the same: protect the very important joints (neck, pelvis, knees) from injury so that if worst comes to worst, you can roll over and stagger/run away after landing.


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