Headed to Peoria to learn Hung Gar! And med school

Hey all! Been a long while since I last updated. I can put the blame for that on a few things: laziness (obviously) and finishing my first year of medical school.

An amazing thing that I learnt was that there is a Hung Gar school in Peoria! Sifu Dexter Parker runs the Trinity Training Center in Peoria, IL and teaches Hung Gar (through Grandmaster Kwong Wing Lam, who would now be my sigung) and Kuntao-Silat (afraid I don’t know the specifics of that lineage).

I’ve been keeping a training journal of the few lessons I’ve had so far and will be aiming to transfer things over to here shortly, so watch this space!

As an aside, second year of medical school starts up in the beginning of August (and I have my Step 1 exam to take next May), so updates may be a bit sporadic (for certain definitions of “a bit”). See you folks soon!


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