Locked versus Flowing

One Finger Shooting Zen is the fundamental way method to train internal force in Shaolin Wahnam. It can be practiced in a variety of ways; hard, soft, consolidated, flowing, it's all there.

One Finger Shooting Zen, which happens to be my favorite exercise, is the fundamental method to train force in Shaolin Wahnam. It can be practiced in a variety of ways; hard, soft, consolidated, flowing, it’s all there. Image taken from shaolin.org.

Hi all! Decided on recommendation to see about making this a weekly or biweekly thread rather than a daily thread like before. It certainly saves me some time during the day, which of course, gets translated into more time for studying and killing time on Facebook. Go figure, haha.

Anyhow, I started feeling some over-training symptoms late last week which, combined with my changing schedule at school (I’m in my family medicine clerkship which has a lot of cases from all walks of life) , wound up in me experiencing a few “crashes” here and there similar to the oft-talked about brain-fry in our school. I wound up doing nearly nothing at all from Friday through Saturday, and Sunday’s practice was merely doing Lifting Sun and Moon. Monday’s practice was going through the combined Shaolin combat application sequence set that David mentioned somewhere on the forum, and Tuesday marked my return to my full training session of Art of Flexible Legs, Lifting Sun and Moon, One Finger Shooting Zen, Dark Dragon Draws Water, and sequence practice. Rather than explicitly “focusing” force or what-have-you, I simply went through the session in a gentle, meditative state of mind. Imagine my surprise when the session turned out to be rather enjoyable and felt just as fruitful and powerful as the earlier “hard” sessions, just in a soft manner. Go figure.

Yesterday’s session, thanks to having late night call, was relegated to One Finger Shooting Zen and Dark Dragon Draws Water practice. I’m really enjoying the rhythm of going from large, multiple movements to smaller, continuous movements instead.

Poking around on the forum, I noticed an announcement that this year’s Summer Camp will be focused on the fundamentals of the various arts taught in Shaolin Wahnam. Very neat! As ever, I wish I could attend, but medical school is rather more important to me now. Speaking of other parts of the school’s websites, I also noticed on the latest Q&A a particular point on the use of One Finger Zen. I’ve never experimented with that sort of thing before; I wonder if any readers have, either in their martial arts or spiritual occupations? Luckily, I’ve had a rather peaceful life regarding those sorts of experiences (it’s some of my friends that lead the more “interesting” lives), so direct experience isn’t exactly something I possess.

On a side note, if anyone has any particular recommendations or critiques, speak freely. For a character like me that doesn’t train kung fu at a school, outside input is greatly valued.


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