Qualities of an amazing master

I touched on this subject not too long ago, but bears repeating again: a great master will save you time and tears in the long run. We had a discussion on LinkedIn back in 2013 April about what makes an amazing instructor. Here was my response, which applies not only to martial arts, but to life in general:

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Porting over G+ posts, med school, and a punch to the face

Hey folks,

Like I mentioned last time, I’d been spending more time on other online martial artist communities like Google Plus’ Martial Artist and Internal Martial Arts forums.

Both are some neat places to get some scintillating discussions about the nature of martial arts and there are many people with varying levels of skill and different philosophies. I’d recommend taking a look at them; I have yet to meet any jerks there!

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I’m not dead yet! Also, don’t be a jerk, it’s good for you

Hey all,

So you may have noticed that I’ve been a little out of commission lately. Nothing to fear, I’m not dead yet! Just been quite busy learning the ropes of my new job.I also have a few projects in mind that I want to start working on. Once I manage to track down a good tripod and maybe a few lamps for lighting, I want to start doing a “Kung fu of the week” video for my Youtube channel (which is also rather inactive). My plan is not to make instructional videos, but rather a series of videos for those who are curious about the sort of things included in traditional kung fu training. Given my background, most of what I’ll be filming comes from the repertoire of Shaolin Wahnam, though I do have some material from my other masters that might get some airing. Were it not for the snow, I’d love to film in one of the outdoor gardens on Purdue campus. Until that matter gets resolved, viewers will just have to deal with my boring apartment!

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The most important lessons

Even though I haven’t lived my “real life” for very long yet (I graduated last week, woo), I’ve come to realize something: the most important lessons I have ever had transmitted to me by my amazing teachers have been the first and the last one. This has held true in virtually every facet of my life: school, research, martial arts, cooking, and my various jobs.

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Time to try out this WordPress thing

Well, here I am!

I’m Fred, the Kung Fu Rubik’s Cube (it sounded funny at the time, and it still does!) I stink at Rubik’s cubes, but I love kung fu, especially Baguazhang. I’m also studying Microbiology. Let’s hear it for the super-bugs!

I’ve been getting more of a presence on the internet: LinkedIn, participating more on Facebook, using my Twitter and Youtube accounts more often, so on and so forth. I decided to move on over from Tumblr because I liked the look of WordPress more. We’ll see where this blog takes me. I may wind up chatting more about kung fu and cooking than anything else, but hey, it’s my blog!

Hope I’ll be seeing you around,